On-the-job Trades Training Program provides opportunity and a second chance for a career for young Papua New Guineans.

The PNG Dockyard has an established in-house, on-the-job structured Trades Training Program for young male and female Papua New Guineans who wish to take up a professional trade.

This program recognises that many young Papua New Guineans do not get the opportunity to graduate from high school, which often limits their future employment prospects.

The PNG Dockyard Trades Training Program provides a second chance for such former students. A range of trades, in various departments at the Dockyard, are on offer. After formal and on-the-job training, students have the opportunity to graduate and hold a qualified trade position at the Dockyard.

The Training section is also carrying out skills assessments of its current employees in order to identify the needs of skills that is lacking respectively.  After the skills assessment is identified then the training program will be drawn up to update skills.

The Training section is also organising pre-training for apprentices at each training center on scheduled days. This is to refresh them before they can attend to their normal apprenticeship block courses conducted at respective institutions or colleges.

In conjunction with the safety and rescue units, the Training section is also programming mandatory courses like basic fire safety, basic first aid, working on heights and material handlings. The Training section is also capable of conducting skills upgrading for each current employees in order for them to contest in the Trade Testing Skills Program conducted by the National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board. This program is basically to recognise the skills of each individual personnel.

Persons with existing trades experience are also required and on-the-job up skill training is offered. Interested persons wishing to find out more about the Trades Training Program should contact the PNG Dockyard on +675 3210905 to organise an interview.