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Papua New Guinea Dockyard

The Papua New Guinea Dockyard is ideally located in the North-West corner of Port Moresby’s Fairfax Harbour, on Motukea Island - a 106-hectare world class prime industrial park now boasting a 150 meter by 70 meter International Wharf Facility.

Papua New Guinea is cyclone free and is ideally situated at the shipping cross-roads of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific.

The Dockyard operates to international standards servicing local clients as well as attracting business from international trade routes.

Papua New Guinea has for over 30 years seen some of the world’s largest resource developments and with the PNG Government’s LNG Project announcement, PNG is assured of another 30 years of successful resource projects.

These developments have created both opportunities and growth for shipping maintenance and support services in the region.

The PNG Dockyard’s international management and engineering team, supported by industry partners and a local workforce, has secured its place in the region as a competitive alternative for ship owners worldwide.